Pilot Rules

- While registering, pilots should put under comments their preferable callsign, example: ACV100

- When flying online, pilots should display good airmanship, fly in a realistic manner, and adhere and comply to the IVAO regulations

- Never argue with other pilots. If any problems arise, contact a member of staff

- Your real name is required on the application in order to join

- When flying online, you have to use your Air Croatia VA callsign (ex.ACV123)

- Please fly online within the IVAO network.

General Rules

- When applying to join Air Croatia VA, you must adhere to company regulation and policy

- You have to be a member of IVAO

- Keep a civilized manner when communicating with other pilots. Do not argue.

Forum rules

- No spamming in the forum

- Posting inappropriate content is forbidden

Company Policy

- When flying with complex aircraft, please use a Cost Index of max. 40 in the FMC/MCDU.

- Every flight should land with an additional amount of fuel which should be available in case of emergency/diversion etc.

- ICAO prefix should be used. Air Croatia prefix is ACV

- In IVAO Flight plan, under remarks put CS/AIRCROATIA

- When flying, use your callsign as 'Air Croatia' (ex. 'AIRCROATIA 123')

- Excessive fuel consumption/Block remaining fuel is forbidden. Load fuels sustainably and accurately